Chicago APRIL 15, 2016 

Freak OUT! is an exhibition of the arts expressing the boldness, liberation, individuality, coming of age and decadence of the Disco era. The works will include visual arts in various mediums and styles including poetry, video, sculpture, performance and we are leaving the floor open for impromptus.


Denis Peterson (Painting)
Jaime Valero (Painting)
Dirk Dzimirsky (Painting)
Micahel Van Zeyl (Painting)
Pamela Wilson (Drawing/Painting)
Kip Omolade (Sculpture/Painting)
Cesar Santos (Painting)
Michelle Doll (Painting)
Reuben Negron (Painting)
Matthew Cherry (Painting)
Nick Ward (Painting)
Diego Quiros (Photography)
Angela Hardy (Painting)
Jennifer Moore (Photography)
Nadine Robbins (Painting)
Jeff Bess (Painting)
Ron Androla (Poet)
Nin Andrews (Poet)
Cesar Conde (Painting)
Jaime Valero (Painting)
Victoria Selbach (Painting)
Daniel Maidman (Painting)
Daena Title (Painting)
Bobby Lucy (Painting)
Pauline Aubey (Drawing)
Erica Elan Ciganek (Painting)
Elizabeth Claire (Painting)
Geraldine Rodriguez (Photography)
Joshua Gray (Poet)
Suzy Smith (Painting)
Emma Trelles (Poet)
Jan Brandt (Mixed Media)
Sharon Pomales (Painting)
Natalie Roseman (Painting)
Adam Holzrichter (Painting)
Mike Selbach (Sculpture)
Debra Balchen (Sculpture)
Lacey Lewis (Painting)
Melinda Whitmore (Sculpture)
Christopher Slaymaker (Painting)
John Walker (Painting)
Jeff Filipski (Painting)
John Korn (Video)
Sonne Hernandez (Painting)
Steven Da Luz (Painting)
Patrick Earl Hammie (Painting)
Debra Livingston (Mixed Media/Sculpture)
Pris Campbell (Poetry)
Francien Krieg (Painting)
Adrian Cox (Painting)
Dorielle Caimi (Painting)
Bryce Ramming (Performance)
Angela Swan (Sculpture/Mixed Media)
Shana Levenson (Painting)
Daliah Ammar (Painting)

Disco Girls! Miniature works
Joyce Polance
Erica Elan Ciganek
Martin Easley
JM Culver
Jef Tonnelli
Sarah Nordmark
Tanja Gant
Mary Jones Easley