2014 Calendar Year

October/November - Open call - CLOSED
December - Curated by Steven DaLuz - THE POWER OF DRAWING

2015 Calendar Year

January - Ryan Shultz (private call and public show)
February - Curated by Victoria Selbach (open call and show)
March - Curated by Daena Title
April - Open Call
May - Curated by F. Scott Hess
June - Open Call
July - Curated by John Seed
September - Open Call 
November - Open Call 
December - Open Call 

Submission Form of Open Calls. Please note that we will only contact you if we are interested in publishing your work. We do not send rejection slips. Art is Subjective. 

Name *
Please provide one sample poem for consideration of being featured in the next issue. If previously published state so. If we like what we read, we will contact you for NEW work.
If you are submitting artwork, point us to your online portfolio or web site. Thank you.

The Following poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize by our Editors.

Hoodwinked by Emma Trelles. Nominated by Didi Menendez, (FIXATION) Issue #54

Omnibus by Leila Ammar. Nominated by Didi Menendez, Issue #57

To the Hands of My Painter by Max Ritvo. Nominated by Daniel Maidman, Issue #56

So impossibly far away by Peter Ciccariello. Nominated by Didi Menendez, Issue #58

Message From a Candy Heart Valentine by Kim Addonizio. Nominated by Didi Menendez, Issue #58