Announcing PA's group show at Arcadia Contemporary Gallery in Culver City, California.

When: October 2017
Deadline for Images: July 15, 2017
Delivery of artwork to gallery: TBA
Curators: John Seed and Didi Menendez
Web Site:

This is a closed submission call. Artists participating are being invited by the curators. 

About Arcadia Contemporary

Arcadia was founded in 2001 with a mission to exhibit highly skilled, representational artists. Originally located in the center of Manhattan’s creative, Soho District, the gallery attained international renown for featuring works that revealed their creators’ ability to paint and draw well in concert with unique, signature styles.

In 2014 Arcadia evolved into Arcadia Contemporary. This shift of name and focus was motivated by the gallery's desire to spotlight artists utilizing timeless painting and drawing skills while creating artworks reflective of the contemporary world.

In 2016 Arcadia Contemporary relocated to Culver City, California. The gallery, now located in the bustling Town Plaza area of Downtown Culver City, finds itself adjacent to the famous, Sony Culver Studios and across a pedestrian courtyard from the Charlie Chaplin-built, historic Culver Hotel.

While Arcadia Contemporary finds itself in the epicenter of the Culver Arts District and the motion picture industry, it remains impervious to the varying conceptual and stylistic shifts often occurring in the contemporary art world. Arcadia Contemporary proudly maintains its vision to present virtuoso, realist painting, drawing and sculpture by artists who are creating genuinely unique and timeless works.

Aleah Chapin standing next to one of her works. This artwork is not necessarily the one for the show. Photo by Hannah Wahl.

Aleah Chapin standing next to one of her works. This artwork is not necessarily the one for the show. Photo by Hannah Wahl.

Artists and Authors

Joe Amato (Poetry/Fiction)
Erin Anderson
Bo Bartlett
Margaret Bowland

Grace Cavalieri (Poetry)
Aleah Chapin
Matthew Cherry
Carl Dobsky
Michelle Doll
Denise Duhamel (Poetry)
Sergio Gomez
Patrick Earl Hammie
Anne Harris
F. Scott Hess
Vincent Katz (Poetry)
Charles Jensen (Poetry)
David Lehman (Poetry)

Jean-Paul Mallozzi
Susannah Martin
Dan McCleary
Ana Menendez (Author)
Kimberly Merrill
Walt Morton (Essay)
Tim Okamura
Lee Price
Lauren Redding (Author)
Irvin Rodriguez
Nadine Robbins
Bradford J. Salamon
Victoria Selbach
Cynthia Sitton
Marcus Slease (Poetry)
Jon Swihart
Daena Title
Emma Trelles (Poetry)
Michael Van Zeyl
Nick Ward
Stephen Wright
Conor Walton
Peter Zokosky

This listing is being updated with additional artists.

The authors will have their work featured in the publication and not on view in the gallery. There will be copies of the publication at the show.

Additional Information

Artists are responsible for the shipping of their artwork to and from the gallery.

Artists who miss a deadline and are not in the publication will be withdrawn from the show.

PA does not offer complimentary copies to contributors. We do however send complimentary copies to a select group of art collectors chosen from our database.

All works should be available for purchase.

Additional information including deadlines and artist agreements will be sent to the artists.


Other submission calls include curated shows and print publications. 

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