Omalix: A Portrait


The first thing I do is to think about the composition of the painting. I always decide the size and proportion of my painting surface after I know exactly the composition I want.  Once I know that, I do an underdrawing and then move to the first layer of paint. The brushwork in the first few layers is loose, so that some of the texture remains visible. Then, I carefully keep building layers and glazes and add more details to certain areas like the eyes, nose, lips, and hair. Also, lately I’ve been enjoying purposely leaving the painting with some less developed areas such as the t-shirt in this specific painting because I like the contrast between the minute details and the slightly unfinished feel.

Corin, 2016 | 10 x 10 inches | oil on mylar


A group of friends recently decided to create portraits of each other, so this one is only the second one I have done for that series. So far, it has been fun to take short little breaks from my ongoing self-portrait series. I have also taken the opportunity to experiment with a different painting surface from my usual linen or wood panel by trying frosted Mylar film. Hopefully, this series will continue for a little while, and I'm excited to see what I will learn from it.

Omalix is a Figurative painter and photographer born in Valencia, Venezuela and based in Orlando, FL. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Central Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Painting. Her work has been shown in various group exhibitions including the Women Painting Women at RJD Gallery, as well as in a solo show at Sirona Fine Art Gallery. Her photography was included in the Fifth Annual Exposure Award digital showcase in a private reception at the Louvre Museum in Paris and has also made her one of the winners of Ron Howard’s Project Imaginat10n.