25 Figurative Painters (2016 Edition) Submissions Open

Painting by Stephen Wright in 25 FIGURATIVE ARTISTS 2016 edition

Painting by Stephen Wright in 25 FIGURATIVE ARTISTS 2016 edition

Submission Call for the 2016 PA's Figurative Painters Edition

Specification: Paint mediums being considered include oil, acrylic and watercolor. Works must be figurative showing at least 3/4 views of the figure. No portraits are being considered (head and shoulders) The artworks submitted must have been completed in 2016. Prepare a folder with any artworks fitting the call completed in 2016.  Images submitted should be in high resolution 300 dpi. Send along a text file including your bio and title, medium, and sizes of each image. Make sure to include your contact information in the text file. 

Send folder with the requested materials by noon EST,  December 1, 2016 to didimenendez@gmail.com. Zip it, dropbox it, attach it or use Send this file it. The issue will go live on or before December 31, 2016.

Deadline: December 1, 2016

Prizes: The cover artist will receive a complimentary issue. No other monetary awards are being offered. PA does not offer complimentary issues. We do not charge fees to submit.

The 25 selected Figurative Painters is being selected by PA's publisher, Didi Menendez. The issue will be available as a print-on-demand, online and digital edition of PA (www.poetsandartists.com). Didi Menendez will send the PDF/print edition of the selected works to notable collectors.

We will only contact the artists whose work is selected and ask for additional copy and studio images. 

General Guidelines

-Please do not submit the same artwork to more than one call at a time. 
-Only submit artwork which fits the theme prepared by the editor/curator.
-Submit high resolution images 300 DPI with a minimum of 1200 pixels wide.
-Images should be in JPG format RGB color.
-Title your folders with your first and last name and add the name of the call. For example Didi_ Menendez_Chevere. Images should also include your name including the title, medium, size, and year. For example: Didi_Menendez_Chevere_oiloncanvas_10x8inches_2017.
-If your work is selected for a group show, you may not submit to another group show for 12 months, unless one of our curators invites you to submit prior to that date. In other words, let's say you are in a show in December 2016. You would have to wait for a show which is in December or later to submit again unless any of our curators invite you to submit sooner.
-Place a text file with your bio and contact information including your email address and web site. 
-Unless otherwise noted submit your work in a folder. You may zip the folder, dropbox the folder, attach the folder or send it though any other way available.
-We will only contact you if your work is accepted for publication.