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PoetsArtists Calendar Year full of submission calls.

We have curated issues, collaborations and gallery events planned.

Submission Calls

December 2016
25 Figurative Painters (End of the Year Issue)
100 GREAT DRAWINGS for 2016

Curated by Didi Menendez & Sergio Gomez
Sirona Fine Art

January 2017
Group Show in New York

February 2017
The Male Muse

March 2017
Sight Unseen
Curated by Alia El-Bermani
Abend Gallery

June 2017
Idiosyncratic Monochromes

July 2017
New New Nude

August 2017
Woman as Warrior
Curated by Tim Okamura

Gallery Haus der Kunst (Zhou B Art Center)

October 2017
Curated by John Seed & Didi Menendez
Arcadia Contemporary

December 2017

General Guidelines

-Please do not submit the same artwork to more than one call at a time. 
-Only submit artwork which fits the theme prepared by the editor/curator.
-Submit high resolution images 300 DPI with a minimum of 1200 pixels wide.
-Images should be in JPG format RGB color.
-Title your folders with your first and last name and add the name of the call. For example Didi_ Menendez_Chevere. Images should also include your name including the title, medium, size, and year. For example: Didi_Menendez_Chevere_oiloncanvas_10x8inches_2017.
-If your work is selected for a group show, you may not submit to another group show for 12 months, unless one of our curators invites you to submit prior to that date. In other words, let's say you are in a show in December 2016. You would have to wait for a show which is in December or later to submit again unless any of our curators invite you to submit sooner.
-Place a text file with your bio and contact information including your email address and web site. 
-Unless otherwise noted submit your work in a folder. You may zip the folder, dropbox the folder, attach the folder or send it though any other way available.
-We will only contact you if your work is accepted for publication.