Michele Ann Murtaugh

Michele Ann Murtaugh


Relax, You're Just Dangling on a Hoop | oil on linen | 36x48 inches | 2018

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Michele Ann Murtaugh was born in Glendale, Arizona and currently resides in Sacramento, California. She began teaching herself to paint at the age of 30 and had the opportunity to study with artists Dirk Dzimirsky (Germany) and Sergio Tamassia (Italy), which fostered her fascination with realism and perspective.

The artist is known for her detailed attention to the female form wrapped in fabric and the play of negative space. Her current series, Cirque, depicts women performing extraordinary feats of physical agility and mental tenacity. The performers are not in their glamorous costumes but rather in hole-y stockings, and spare and worn outfits, which relays the beauty in hard work and imperfection.

Her oil paintings elicit feelings of vulnerability, sensuality, and power: All that encompasses the enigma that is woman.

In recent years, Michele has taken the gallery scene by storm with exhibitions in Sacramento and the Bay Area (including the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art), Beverly Hills, Chicago, Mexico, and Madrid, bringing in the interest of collectors and fans worldwide.