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Tanya Atanasova


Tanya Atanasova is a contemporary figurative realist painter and Land-Art artist, based in Antwerp, Belgium. She is currently working on a large series of non-traditional portraits to be exhibited in a solo show in 2019.

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Tanya Atanasova

Tanya Atanasova





What concept or narrative is behind the painting? 

A lot of people who know me personally know about my dramatically meandering path through life, the never-ending escape from everything in my past that drove me as a young person constantly moving from one town to another, and lately, changing even countries… Every single one of my friends I have met on the way knows well where I come from and what it cost to get where I am now, as well as how much I care about them!

Very young I realized, it is the only “superpower” I have in life—to stay loyal and true to friends and (since I very often had nothing in my pockets anyway) I give my heart away in thousands of pieces….

So I was carrying this thank-you-like project for quite some time with me, but only about a year-and-a-half ago I effectively gave it a name and started it up officially—that’s how the You my dear project was born. All the paintings I’m working on now are representational portraits of actual friends of mine. But I never wanted to just beautifully portray a person for the eternity to come; I want you, the viewer, to meet these wonderful, colourful, ga-ga personalities and hear their stories—oh they are precious! If you would take one of them home, you, like me, will never be alone, lonely or sad! There is this constant presence of a real, warm person with a great sense of humor and personality near you—they make me smile every time I see them, which is so energizing!


Philip dyeing his beard and eyebrows with henna | oil on canvas | 43.3”×43.3”×1.8”



How much time is dedicated to the execution of the work before you actually start the process? 

On this particular project, I've been working a lifetime, in a way…



What is the price range of your art?

At the moment, I have paintings available starting at $4000, depending on the size and the subjects, of course. My favorite format at the moment is 47.2”×43.3” (120cm×110cm), and that comes to about $8200 to $9000, depending on how much work goes into a particular piece.


Smokey eyes/Joëlle | oil on canvas | 43.3”×47.2”×1.8”



Are you represented by a gallery?

At the moment, I’m not represented, but I have my eyes on several galleries…



How much time does it take you to create an artwork?

If everything goes smoothly, between two and three months. Some works spend more than a year in my atelier before I decide they are ready…But that’s the technical stuff. Sometimes, I’ll walk around with an idea for a piece for months before it crystallizes in my head into a definitive form and palette.


Octoman/Michel | oil on canvas | 43.4”×59.1”×1.8”

Michel with octopus | oil on canvas | 43.3”×47.2”×1.8”



What is your ultimate goal for your artwork?

When I paint, I care about the technical side a lot, but it is not my priority to make my portraits look hipper—or photo-realistic. I like them to be a bit imperfect like my models, like real humans are—imperfect, but vivid, and a bit narrative. I want them to whisper their story in your ear, not to astonish you with their beauty...



What other artists have you shown with?

I just got back from a great international group show of 8 artists in Paris, where artists like Christoph Eberle, Jacques Bodin, Ronald Bowen and father & son Pelizzari were the stars of the show. 


The banana boy | oil on canvas | 39.4”×55.1”×1.8”



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