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Q&A for Artists Pages and Specs

Before you start sending these materials, check and make sure your current page is up to date. If not then please email Jay Menendez (jayceemenendez@gmail.com) with any updates.

Answer these questions making sure to keep the answer with the question. In other words do not send just your answers.

  • What concept or narrative is behind your work?

  • How true are you to your artist statement?

  • Do you ever venture out of your creative process to try out new things?

  • What other artists have you shown with?  

  • What inspires you?

  • Explain your process.

  • Which was your breakthrough piece? Tell us more about it.


Send up to three new images of yourself in your studio or working area.

Send up five new images of works you have completed recently. Please make sure you are not compromising any upcoming calls.

If you have a series, provide a narrative about what you are trying to achieve with the series or why you decided to start the series. Include as much information about it as possible.


Provide a short narrative bio written in third person which includes the following information.
Where were you born? What year? What is your education? What is your Exhibition history? What awards have you won, and what collections are your works in? Where do you live and work now?

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