Collector's Reserve - First Views (Quarterly)

This is a call for new and available work. The intention is to sell your artwork and show it first. It will include a quarterly online publication also available in PDF. The collection will be titled Collector’s First Views and it will include the season and year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter).

It is being curated by Walt Morton and Didi Menendez.

Further Details from Walt Morton:

Any works shown in this collection would be exclusively sold through the Zhou B Art Center via the PoetsArtists Website which will include the links to each of the works up on Artsy and the works will be in the collection for a period of 3 months until the next season.

The entire point is to assemble a collection that P&A can endorse, vet, and guarantee to be available to collectors at the outset of the quarterly publication.

This will be a curated collection of NEW works that are directly suggested by the curators as good acquisitions by any collector. High quality new work in traditional media. We are trying to de-mystify which artwork is for sale, how much it costs, etc. Making sales easy and transparent for a collector. We'll talk about the work, the price, how a collector can get it and why they should. Our goal is to feature a collection that is an online point-of-purchase so there is no mystery about whether the work is available, how much it costs, and why it is worth collecting.

The curation is required because we can't just include any old thing in this collection but want the artists to be putting their most successful new works in this handy format.

The difference between this and other venues selling art online is that it will be a permanent catalog (PDF) and on our Editorial blog of a moment, and there will be some discussion of what is in the catalog, WHY it was selected, and the prices will be up-front, non negotiable, no mystery to the buyer. That's the idea anyway.

This is different form many publications P&A makes, since typically many of the curated content is not for sale, or sold, and individual artworks are typically shown but there is not usually a P&A write up by a curator on each artwork and why you might want to own it.

Further Details from Didi Menendez:

I am looking for your best work. I want to go OMG when I see it.

Use the UNIVERSAL submission form to submit your work.

This is a new benefit for MEMBERS ONLY.

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