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I’m glad you are here. We have a whole year’s worth of work ahead of us. I want to be blunt and tell you upfront without you having to read one of my poetic posts or metaphors and just tell you what our focus is for 2019.


That’s it. SALES. Our focus is to increase your art sales. I have spent 2018 securing group exhibition calls and online exclusives for us. By doing so I implemented new benefits. These include:

  • Our partnership with the Zhou B Art Center

  • Our Instagram Shop

  • Social Media campaigns including ads

Here is a screen shot of our social media interactions regarding sales. These sales are our downloads of our PDFs. I don’t have the stats from Artsy and Artnet regarding art sales so I am unable to tell you which social media platform or referrals brought in the sales from there so we will use this information to proceed.

Screenshot 2019-01-01 07.41.26.png

What you are seeing here is where the tunnel of sales came from to ultimately download a PDF from our site. Some of the PDFs were complimentary.

The first item Direct are visitors we had who came directly to our website and downloaded the PDFs.

We had 32 downloads from our website and $536.98 in sales.

The next item is Social media which primarily includes Facebook and Instagram.
Take a look at the far right column. From Facebook we only 29 downloads and from Instagram (keep in mind that the Instagram shop has only been operating for a few months) we had 57 downloads. Some of these included giveaways and and other promotional offers.

So with that said, we are going to be focusing on fine tuning our Instagram. With the maze of algorithms caused by both, I will be testing out various ways to get our followers to tap or click and buy. I will communicate back to us with what works or doesn’t work and if I find any golden hashtags.

Regarding our group exhibitions, it is important to place the physical exhibitions first on your calendar and focus on submitting to those first.

Our number one priority is when we have a show at the Zhou B Art Center which has sold most of our major art pieces in 2018. Secondary Meanings curated by Steven Bennett and Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt should be number one priority on your list. The other show we have at the Zhou B Art Center later in the year is Painting the Figure Now. Click on the Submit link on our menu to review all the physical exhibitions coming up in 2019.

We may have a few last minute pop-up shows so always be prepared. Keep some inventory for our use when some of these happen. Usually these are GOLDEN opportunities which I can’t turn away and will be posted with a very short-time frame to submit. Read out guidelines and suggestions on how to prepared a folder to have ready-set-go.

Getting back to SALES. Even though the sales through Instagram are apparent, hard sales are not coming through social media yet from what I can tell. In other words I don’t have a clear picture of someone actually clicking on a like on Instagram or Facebook and then buying a $10,000 piece.

Collectors are still researching before buying.

Here is the Golden rule.

Art collectors like to see artwork from a trusted source first.

We had more high-end sales come in from a personal connection. These are collectors who I reached out to and showed them your work first.

This is why we have FIRST VIEWS, FRESH ART, and requests for NEW art on some our calls. Keep those away from social media and offer your followers other images. One of the images which always seems to do well are photos of your studio. Take more of those keeping only the artwork which is meant for social media in the images. Take more videos and share interactive posts like gifs instead of artwork which should be submitted to a show.

I don’t have any other brilliant ideas for 2019 other than SALES.

With that said, please help each other out on social media when you see someone ask a question which you may know the answer to so I may continue to focus on SALES.

SOLD 2019

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