Alessandro Tomassetti: Original Polaroid Gui 1

Alessandro Tomassetti: Original Polaroid Gui 1


These original polaroids are photo studies taken by the artist for paintings. 


Size: 3.25x4.25 inches
Film: Fuji instant pack film (FP-100c for colour and FP-3000b for B&W) with a vintage Polaroid Landcamera

These original polaroids are shipped unmounted in a plastic sleeve with a signed certificate of authenticity directly from the artist. The pricing includes shipping.

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Alessandro Tomassetti is a Canadian painter and photographer based in Barcelona. He became fascinated with analogue and instant photography upon purchasing his first vintage Land Camera in the late 80’s. Today he employs a full arsenal of discarded technology to create bold, sensual photo series featuring the same models he casts in his oil paintings. Using mostly expired instant film, Tomassetti embraces the instability and unpredictability of his medium to create work which feels singular and immediate, because it is. Like his painted portraits, his photos highlight the sensuality and vulnerability of his male subjects. Seeing the two creative disciplines as synergistic, he uses the photography to inform the mood of his paintings and vice versa.