Daggi Wallace: Taken

Daggi Wallace: Taken


Artist: Daggi Wallace
Title: Taken
Size: 9x12 inches
Medium: pastel, framed in black with museum glass.

This artwork includes shipping and handling from the artist's studio in California.

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Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, and now living near Los Angeles, CA, Daggi specializes in contemporary realism.

She works primarily in pastel and charcoal but by incorporating other materials into her work such as ink, watercolor, metal leaf, acrylic, collage, wire, yarn, rocks, the artist pushes the medium of pastel out of its more traditional box.

“I’m inspired by my growing up in the urban environment of Berlin, Germany, where contemporary abstract work is so prevalent but I also love traditional realism and aim to find my own way of combining the two. Living a dual cultured life has been a huge influence on my work which has recently manifested in more personal narratives with social and political overtones.”

Her award winning paintings have been exhibited and are collected throughout the U.S.

In recent years she has been invited to show her work in Germany, Italy, China and France. She has been published numerous times in art magazines and books. Besides creating work for exhibitions Daggi accepts portrait commissions in her Camarillo, CA, studio throughout the year.