Steve Rosendale: Duel

Steve Rosendale: Duel


Artist: Steve Rosendale
Title: Duel
Medium: oil on board
Size: 15x10 inches

This is an original oil painting. The price includes shipping from the artist's studio in Australia.

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Born: Australia 1973

2016 "Roadside" Red Gallery Melbourne.
2015 ‘’Postcards’’ Libby Edwards Galleries Melbourne.
2014 Recent Work Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne
2013 "Cinerama"" Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne
2012 "The Material Gaze" Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne
2011 "For A Few Dollars More" Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne
2010 "Bring The Money, Come Alone" Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne 2009 "Incidental" - Libby Edwards Galleries, Melbourne

1999 Bachelor of Arts Degree (Fine-Art Painting) Monash University 1996 Diploma: Foundations in Art and Design, Box Hill T.A.F.E. 1994 Certificate: Basic Photography, Holmesglen T.A.F.E.

2014 Finalist : Doug Moran Portrait prize Melbourne 2012 Finalist : Mount Eyre Vineyard Art Prize

Numerous corporate and private collections 



Steve Rosendale

I use the term 'Incidental' to describe my work, in that the use of film and found imagery is really secondary to the mood or feeling I am trying to convey. Film is simply a device that I manipulate to express the deeper, almost subconscious reasons for the choice of scene or figure.  The result is not unlike a film still but on transferring it to the canvas and manipulating various elements, the finished work will inevitably be filtered through the lens of my subconscious and imbued with the mannerisms of my personality. From my earliest days as an artist I began combining second hand imagery from television and magazines as source material for my work. I spend many hours observing, taking photographs, researching and sifting through hundreds of old ephemera...until I discover what I can only describe as the pictorial equivalent of the inner inspiration. Then I feel a great need to express that image or somehow frame it, capture it and aggrandise it. It is the marriage of an inner vision with an outer. The inner being abstract, blurred, floating with bleeding edges; the outer being concrete, tangible solid and present.