Sara Nordmark: Pink Hat

Sara Nordmark: Pink Hat


Artist: Sara Nordmark
Title: Pink Hat
Medium: acrylic on paper
Size: 14x11

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Sara Nordmark grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and studied illustration at Parsons School of Design. She is now based in Oakland, California. Her work has appeared in a number of venues including:

Publications and Group Shows
PoetsArtists, #56, June 2014
“Freak Out!,” Group show at Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, PoetsArtists #73, April 2016
“Reinventing Ourselves From Another POV,” group show at the Zhou B Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, artNXTlevel projects and PoetsArtists #75, June 2016
“The New Nude”, PoetsArtists #86, June 2017
“The Male Muse”, PoetsArtists #82, February 2017
“The Portrait Issue”, PoetsArtists #83, April 2017
“Celebration”, PoetsArtists #56 June 2014

Carol Hodes and Elsabe Brits

Sara Nordmark focuses on process. Once a perfectionist bent on fixing so-called “mistakes,” fiercely erasing or painting over marks that she thought clumsy or crude, she now wholeheartedly embraces those technical missteps. Moreover she finds that these "gropings for the form” hold true gestural gems. Honest and vital steps, they may be used in a present composition or preserved for future perceptual possibilities. Prioritizing such unexpected twists keeps her ideas pliable and her work alive.