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Interviews with Art Collectors

Interviews with art collectors.

What Sold and Reflections of 2018

As I write this reflection of 2018 we are headed into our 100th Edition of PoetsArtists and twenty years of my publishing online. This year our new membership via Patreon really took off and it has helped me strive for new opportunities which are extended into 2020.

Planning ahead will secure that our members continue to have work to contribute to and it opens the door to galleries, personal growth, and sales.

We had several exhibitions this year including Visions of Venus/Venus’ Visions curated by Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt, Painting the Figure Now curated by Didi Menendez and Walt Morton, Chronicles of a Future Foretold curated by Samuel Peralta, STUDIO 54 curated by Carolyn Kramer, and The Human Condition curated by Steven DaLuz. We also had works in Abend’s 28th Miniature Show and several virtual online exhibitions up on the Zhou B Art Center’s Artsy and Artnet page.

The galleries and museums we worked with are Zhou B Art Center, 33 Contemporary, Abend Gallery, Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Carolyn Kramer Gallery, and Anarte. They range from Chicago, to New York, Wisonsin, Colorado, and San Antonio, Texas. All of these contributed to sales and exposure for our artists some of which are emerging while others are masters.


We also had sales come in through other channels which mostly includes foremost the publication. Some sales are not documented because they happen sometime after publication takes place. Other sales came in directly from me by showing a work to a collector.

We had several artists win grants and prizes including the ANJE at Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art and several artists were finalists in the Bennett Prize. The winner of the $50,000 will be announced next year.

Because of their publication in PoetsArtists and other efforts on our behalf, several have received representation from galleries.

Outside of our publications and exhibitions, we’ve had several artists accepted into the ARC Salon, several RJD open calls, BP Portrait, MOD Portrait, Figurativas at the MEAM, and others. Too many to mention.

I published several social media articles on Buzzfeed, Bored Panda, and Medium which helped raise the awareness and following of our artists and some of these articles and lists went viral.

Several of our members are collectors and they have been introduced to new artists for their collection and many of our artists are now in their radar.

We launched several innovations including our Instagram Shop and partnering with the Zhou B Art Center to sell our artwork via online exclusives when there is no physical exhibition in place.

We helped galleries make sales by introducing them to our collectors.

We helped galleries bring in traffic and potential sales by offering our members to show at their venue.

We had several ad campaigns in place including Fine Art Connoisseur and Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.

By implenting all of the above we are changing the dynamics of how galleries will function in the near future because many of them are not up to speed with social media and other aspects of online sales.

Social media especially Facebook was a huge challenge for me this year. I was banned a couple of times with the last one taking 30 days. However since I had a Facebook Business Page, I was still able to function our Instagram shop and have access to other functionalities so it was a great way for me to learn how to get around without being able to post Facebook.

While one of the drawbacks with so much going on is that there may be too much information to keep up with, we should all work at a pace which will keep us true to our calling. Submit to calls which resonate with your work. Be adventurous from time to time so you may get out of your comfort zone but stick mostly to what works for you. Plan ahead of calls which have submission fees and know when to submit and not to submit to these. All the calls in place on PoetsArtists were created so that as many of our members may submit to them as possible. With membership you may submit to all of them if that is what you’d like to do.

For next year we are reaching new highs with an exhibition in Ireland and at the MEAM in Barcelona. For 2020 we have a show in Australia. We are returning to the Zhou B Art Center in May with an exhibition curated by Steven Bennett and Dr. Elaine Schmidt. We are going to have several curators for PAINTING THE FIGURE NOW 2019 and the exhibition will travel from Wausau to Chicago. We have a show in New Yor at Rehs Gallery in March and I have penciled in a show in California for December.

Here is something new I should have offered when our members first signed up. A form for feedback so I may know more about each of our members and may then steer us to new grounds. Feel free to fill out the form. Your feedback will go directly to me.

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