Unveiling First Views (Guidelines)

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This exclusive privilege is available to long standing members at the $5 tier or higher of PoetsArtists platform at Patreon and/or galleries and museums whom we have worked with in the past and/or new members, collectors, and galleries who sign up at the $10 tier or higher.

The unveiling first view is open to members who are working on new paintings in a traditional medium. The works must me larger than 20 inches length but not larger than 5 feet in width. It is not meant for studies, drawings, small paintings, or works being created for one of PoetsArtists' exhibitions. We will consider works being created for other exhibitions. The artwork must be realist and figurative and/or portrait.

Members who would like to participate in this new feature must send a work in progress when they are half way done to the attention of Didi Menendez at didimenendez@gmail.com or send via Facebook Messenger. Participating artists must keep the work away from all social media. If a work in progress is sent and we feel the work is not of interest to our collectors we will advise the artist so they may then share on social media. In other words, we will not hang on to your work to prevent another sale from happening. We are very familiar with what type of artwork our collectors are interested in and do not want to hinder a sale for our members from other collectors. Our intention is to give our collectors and members first views of new work which may fit their collection. 

The unveiling of new work will take place on the PoetsArtists Patreon platform for at least 3 days before the work may be then shared on social media giving all our members at the $5 tier or higher first views. Depending on what work-in-progress is received half way through a piece, some collectors will be sent the working image for their perusal.

If a work is accepted to be featured, the artists are to send Didi Menendez several images of the finished piece including detail high resolution shots, a spec sheet with the dimensions and asking price plus shipping. If a work is of interest to one of our collectors, the artist and/or gallery will be placed in contact with the collector directly so they may finish the transaction.

An honorary fee is in place on the Patreon site for anyone interested in participating if a sale takes place.


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