David Alvarado: Meditation Medication

Meditation Medication.jpg
Meditation Medication.jpg

David Alvarado: Meditation Medication



Artist: David Alvarado
Title: Meditation Medication
Size: 20x30 inches
Medium: oil on linen
Price: $2000

This artwork ships directly from the artist's studio. 
PoetsArtists offers this service to the artists in our platform whom do no have a representative gallery for these works.

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David Alvarado is a classically trained figurative artist based in the Los Angeles area. Creating images of the natural and imaginative world, his work allows him to constantly explore new places in a time-tried technique, inviting the viewer to see nature in diverse ways. David's primary focus lies in the figure where he strives to use a high level of craftsmanship and imbue his work with a poetic contemporary feel. David has been influenced by the Academic Impressionist and Symbolist of the 19th century but also holds a deep admiration for the masters of the 17th century. 

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