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Daniel Maidman: Synthesis Submission Call


Degas is said to have used the difference between line and color to spur his creativity. He was seeking a synthesis of the two elements which continued to elude him. For this issue, send work in which you grappled with conflicting issues, and in the end achieved a synthesis - or didn’t. The concept of issues can be very broadly applied - they may be anything from formal categories, as in Degas’s case, to the fundamental problem of making intangible qualities like emotion and soul visible in matter. The important point is that the work should emerge from an attempt to reconcile at least two qualities which did not, at the beginning, wish to go together.

This edition will be available in digital, PDF and print-on-demand formats. Our editor/curator is Daniel Maidman. Use this form to submit. We will only contact artists whose work we are publishing. Deadline to submit is October 1, 2017 for a publication date of November 2017. PoetsArtists does not offer complimentary issues in any format. We do not charge fees to publish your works. A complimentary PDF of this issue will be sent to a select group of art collectors from our database. If you are not familiar with our publications please consider buying an issue or downloading a PDF. See side panel for various editions. Thank you.

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