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Judith Peck Artist Catalogue

Judith Peck is a Washington DC based allegorical painter who has exhibited her work continuously locally and internationally in museum, galleries and various art venues. While her paintings are figurative, usually of a single person, her paintings are not portraits. Instead, Peck uses iconic figures which dialogue with the audience.

She has a long history of incorporating political and social concerns in her work. Peck’s work demonstrates a rich inner life which comes across on the faces of her subject and onto the canvas allowing a viewer to delve into the sitter's psychology. She says, “If we can actually see each other, we can pursue life compassionately without getting stuck in its rifts”.

Working from these principles, her paintings combine plaster and oil translating into a narrative on how we heal ourselves in a broken world. The work becomes a guide to investigating our lives and place and, hopefully, the models’ lingering and penetrating presence will move us away from our complacency.

This particular series is a commentary promoting democracy and human rights