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FREAK OUT!! Sharon Pomales

Tell us about your current series.
At this moment I'm working on two series simultaneously, the Seven Deadly Sins (from an artist perspective), and a series on Dreams

Do you remember the 1970’s and if so what are three highlights of that time frame for you?
I remember the 70's very well: my parents divorced in 1974, and I was an only child (even though they both had children from other marriages, but they didn't live with us). I specially loved the tv shows from the 70's, they were my happy place to scape to, besides my sketch book, and most of my time was spent in front of the TV because my mother was always very busy doing stuff in the house.  Music made me happy too, we usually watched Soul Train on the weekends.

Tell us about the artwork/poem you are submitting for the exhibition.
High on Life' is all about those memories of my mom dancing in the living room to the music of Soul Train, I think music also helped her withstand the hard times as a single mother and her own loneliness, and when she danced I got to see her happy, those were the best times. The painting is 36x30", it is oil on panel with gold leaf on the hot pants (because the color gold was very popular in the 70's). 

Do you use photography as a reference for your artwork?
I did use a few photos for this work.

Do you listen to music while you work?
I cant work if I don't listen to music, it's usually Simon & Garfunkel, Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, CCR, or anything else depending on the mood of the painting.

What collections would you like your work to end up in?
I've been fortunate that the gallery that represents my work, Lovetts, has been very supportive and that collectors have loved my work enough to take it home with them. The artist has a great responsibility and owes it to the loyal collectors to make the best work the artist can make, to keep very high standards of excellence and continuous improvement.


Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Sharon Pomales is a realist artist working in oil and pastel.  Since moving to Ohio in 2012 she has exhibited at various galleries, institutions, and museums nationwide.  Her work has been featured in various publications.

Sharon is a member of the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society, American Women Artists, International Guild of Realism and is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America. 

Her work is represented by Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Her website address is www.sharonpomales.com