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Pauline Aubey: Lego Art

Barbarella | 2903 lego bricks glued on 2 large legobaseplates assembled on woodpanel | 15/30 inches


I’ve only started working with lego bricks this year. I’ve always picked my subjects from Pop culture and realized legos were a great choice medium to make substance and form come together.

I initially worked on simple square pieces for my first series called “Spotlights” but I have expanded to larger scale pieces. 


My upcoming series “Doll Parts” focuses on sexy iconic movies scenes and necessitates the horizontal assembling of 2 large lego baseplates to create a cinemascope rendering.

My latest work “Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy” is its first piece. My purpose here is to use the landscape format in quite a literal way, allowing the viewer to experience the female body as a psychedelic landscape. 


Pauline Aubey aka Poupée de Chair is a French portrait artist with a degree in Fine Arts and Letters. Obsessed with everything pop she decided substance and form had to come together and started a series of lego pieces based on pop and disco icons. Her artwork has been exhibited in Versailles and Orleans, France, and is regularly published in PoetsArtists and featured by the team of DeviantART. It is under license with Artistic Dreams Imaging.