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Timothy Jahn: Pear

Painting by Timothy Jahn
Reconfigure | oil | 5x7 inches


Paintings will start with a simple line drawing. After the drawing I will carefully indicate all of the plains of the forms in the painting. After the major forms are indicated, the background is added and the edges are refined to their appropriate finish. After the background is done and edges are adjusted the bulk of my finishing is put into play. This is where I will get surface texture and subtle refinement.


Pears have been something I have enjoyed painting for a long time. In looking for a new way to show them and create an opportunity for me to express my interest in continued learning. I wanted to use this painting to show that our brains have the ability to reconfigure and adapt over time. Its truly amazing what we can learn and become highly effective at.

Bio: Timothy W Jahn (b1977)

“Art brings me the greatest joy in my life. The ability to share with the world what fascinates me and what interests me is immeasurably enjoyable...I want the viewer to feel joy when they experience my work.” Timothy Jahn, 2015 commenting about his evolving career. Whether it's a classic still life, work of a humorous nature or a provocative figure piece, Timothy’s work continues to captivate his collectors.

Growing up in New Jersey provided many wonderful artistic opportunities. Timothy began painting at an early age and was fortunate to study drawing and painting privately. Upon entering high school he was accepted to Middlesex County Arts High School. In 1995 he was honored to be selected for the Emerging Artist Exhibition at the Nabisco Company headquarters in New Jersey.

After High School Timothy decided that he wanted to pursue a career in fine art and began his ongoing quest to work with the best instructors and institutes available. He has studied at the prestigious Art Students League and the National Academy School in NYC(During which time he won a traveling grant to study painting at the SCAD-LaCoste School of Art LaCoste France which he participated in). He is a graduate from the duCret School of Art and Ani Art Academies.

In 2005 Timothy created and embedded ‘Academy duCret’ into the duCret School of Art. He designed the atelier style studio to help students gain a deeper understanding of traditional drawing and painting techniques. In 2008, as part of his ongoing quest for improvement and in an effort to more efficiently help his students, Timothy enrolled in the then called Waichulis Studio in Pennsylvania. During his studies he was able to introduce his student Tim Reynolds to Anthony Waichulis. This connection ultimately led to the creation of the Ani Art Academies. After graduating from Ani Art Academies Waichulis, Timothy took the director role at Ani Art Academies Anguilla.

Web site: jahnstudios.com