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Ron Androla: Lemons


Lemons injected with
gasoline shine. Lemons drip
Tuesday dew on the moon.
Lemons liquefy lucidity.
Lemons bob in a lumbering
dinosaur footprint.
Lemons scatter from a hose
of chlorine gas, squirt gnats big
as Grape-Nuts tossed like scattered
grenades at the sun. Lemons
instead of sex teeth.
Lemons not dirty dreaming eyes.
Lemons roll off the
slope of Durante's nose.
Lemons float over watery
gravity graves in a dark storm. 
Lemons leak sour rain, swirly cloud
rinds, yellow dust, & terrible decisions.
Lemons crush blood bags
at altars of the seriously hypnotized. 
Levitating lemons buoy across
Christ's spiked palms like alien orbs.
Lemons wiggle their slick seeds into
soft fruit eggs. Lemons ovulate & 
detonate a spray of eventual
apple-breath sighs.

Artwork on view in the University Gallery, Normal, Illinois

Artwork on view in the University Gallery, Normal, Illinois

Ron Androla is a regular contributor of poetry and inspiration to PoetsArtists. He lives in Eerie, PA with his wife Ann.

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