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Ron Androla: Painting with Feathers

Painting with Feathers

(I hear airport jets tow square, loose, bumping trucks & grumble their damaged gears over our ant-hill roof. Skidding across sun-hardened, corrugated mud tracks, the jets crash into glass church bells, shattering morning. Blessed by gods, topping telephone poles, the yellow-eyed crows are fanged. They pierce & rip human strips of sound off the futuristic, fatalistic fact of silence.)

I love you. 
together, holding
hollow winged
hands, as divine
& as gorgeous as
paranormal spirits,
the sparkling beam of
sunlit ghosts,
Christ & his 2nd
dusty wife in the sky. 
They mesmerize
beach sleepers
with soul-opening
dreams of prosperous
life. See, 
over Lake Erie, 
we're white crows
full of thin cloud
light; we're feathery
angels dripping
cream over a buttered
mirror like wide-thrown milk, 
like raw pre-pancakes,
like split sperm worms,
like mercury, round, spinning
in coffee in a disappearing
quantum cup.

I love you.

Didi MenendezComment