Submission Call: 100 Great Drawings of 2016

100 Great Drawings of 2016
Open Submission Deadline: November 15, 2016
Curated by Steven DaLuz
Publication: December 2016 available in PDF download and print-on-demand

Submission Call

Drawings are the most raw reflection of the artist's hand, with the potential of offering intimate contact with the creative process.  A drawing can be a preparatory cartoon for a painting, a sketch of an idea, a study for a "finished" work of art, or a finished work unto itself.  One of the appeals of drawing is that it does not always provide all the details and nuance of a fully developed painting or sculpture.  The viewer's mind can complete the work, supplying all the details necessary to bring it to fruition.   Sketchy, or refined with exacting detail,  the workspublished in this issue will serve as a kind of celebration and documentation of outstanding drawings from across the globe, created in 2016. The drawings may be of the figure, portraiture, still life, or non-objective subjects.  They may be of an academic approach, or a more unconventional variety--so long as they were completed in 2016.  The finest will be skillfully executed andcommunicate an idea or feeling.  That can be accomplished through emphatic mark making to subtle, delicate tones of great sensitivity.  Does it capture the imagination?  Give us your very best work!

Miriam Webster defines the act of drawing this way:  "To make (a picture, image, etc.) by making lines on a surface especially with a pencil, pen, marker, chalk, etc., but not usually with paint. "   In fine art, the term "drawing" may be defined as the linear realization of visual objects, concepts, emotions, and fantasies, including symbols and even abstract forms. Drawing is characterized by an emphasis on form or shape, rather than mass and color as in painting. Drawing is quite different from graphic printmaking processes, because although a drawing may form the basis for replication, it is by its very nature, the unique application of image to ground.  

You may employ graphite, charcoal, silverpoint, chalk, conte' crayon, ballpoint pen, pen and ink, marker, grease pencil--any dry implement used for mark making. Pastels and colored pencils may be used, so long as the piece is primarily comprised of line work.  Color may be employed selectively, including the toning of paper, but the emphasis should be upon drawing with dry implements.  While mixed mediums may be used, a preponderance of the work must employ drawing materials.  This is NOT an issue about painting.  All work must be the artist's original conception, executed entirely by the artist.

Submit your finest drawing!

How to Submit

Zip a folder with your high resolution images (300dpi/1200 pixels minimum wide), a text file including your contact information, short narrative bio and specs for each work submitted to

Please note: We will only notify artists whose work we are publishing. We do not send rejection notices. Artists accepted for publication will be notified sometime in November or early December. PA does not offer complimentary copies of any kind.


Steven DaLuz isknown for figurative works and imagined landscapes, largely usinga process he devised with metal leaf, oil, and mixed media.   Born in Hanford, California, Steve retired from the Air Force afterliving 13 years abroad.  He completed a BA degree in Social Psychology, and an MA degree in Management, before earning a BFA in 2003.  His drawings and paintings are represented in private and corporate collections in 27 States and overseas.  He was a featured speaker at The Representational Art Conference, 2014, and his work was in the International Masters of Fine Art exhibition in 2014. He has exhibited internationally, and his work has been publishedin art books, and magazines, such as Art in America, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, The Huffington Post, Encaustic Art, ProfessionalArtist, the International Drawing Annual, andThe Artists.  He curated an entire issue of Poets & Artists magazine called,  "The Power of Drawing", released in December, 2014, which featured 100 drawings by 50 artists from across the globe.  DaLuz was a finalist for the prestigious 2015 Hunting Art Prize.  He is represented by AnArte Gallery in San Antonio and The Marshall Gallery in Scottsdale, Az.