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Featured Poet Barbara Quick

Barbara Quick has a gift of letting us know what she values in her poetry. She’s not interested in grand announcements, so much as a lightness of hand, a dazzle of wisdom, sometimes a mischievous whisper. We always know where she stands with her keen perceptions illuminating the heart of human relationships. - Grace Cavalieri

Even Donald Trump Must Have a Buddha Nature

Even Donald Trump must have a Buddha nature.

The question is how to awaken it.

How to pull aside the curtain—throw the window open—

so that he feels the miracle of the morning’s first sunlight.

Hears the life still teeming, the coral

struggling for breath, beneath the ocean waves.


Maybe someone can slip him a tab of acid,

or feed him a cookie laced with THC—

and he will be overcome with love and reverence

for life—all life—on this precious planet that

nurtures and forgives us like the best of mothers.

He would get lost staring at a flower.

He would be moved by the suffering and stories

of others whose difference would be like a thin skin

through which he’d see their Buddha nature, too.

He’d be shaken to the core: humbled

but happy like he’s never been before.

“You’re so beautiful!” he would say to Melania,

his eyes soft, as if seeing her for the first time.

“Come on, baby,” he’d say (he’s still Donald Trump),

taking her hand and walking out the door,

tossing the keys to the White House

over his shoulder.


We would wave goodbye to them and learn

to breathe again, our eyes much more open than before.

Our sleeves rolled up, we would be grateful

to simply be alive and not dreaming the nightmare

anymore. We would be ready to do the joyful job

of worshipping the world and all the life that lives here.

Widely published novelist, poet and journalist Barbara Quick (www.BarbaraQuick.com) makes her home in the Wine Country of Northern California. Her much-loved 2007 novel from HarperCollins, Vivaldi’s Virgins, has been translated into 15 languages. Barbara was our Cover Girl on MiPOesias eight years ago as she led a parade in her Brazilian dance regalia. Now she is marching in California, once again, this time with a million other women.

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Grace Cavalieri is founder and producer of “The Poet and the Poem“ on public radio, now from the Library of Congress. She celebrates 40 years on-air in 2017. She’s has 18 books and chapbooks published, the latest is WITH (Somondoco Press, 2016.) Cavalieri has had 26 plays produced on American stages. Her newest play is “ANNA NICOLE: BLONDE GLORY.” The play is inspired by Anna Nicole: Poems, published by GOSS183. Her poetry has been featured on Garrison Keillor’s “Verse Daily” and Ted Kooser’s “American Life in Poetry.”  She is the managing poetry editor for PoetsArtists.