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Interview with an Art Collector

This art collector prefers to remain private. 

Explain your process for collecting art. First and foremost, I collect work that connects with me in some way.  I acquire most of my pieces buying directly from the artist, (usually online) though I have obtained some through galleries.  As an artist myself, I have also acquired a few works by trading pieces directly with the artist.  I contact artists directly when I am particularly interested in a work.

What was the first artwork you collected and why? I cannot recall the very first work I collected, as I was not consciously "collecting" at the time.  I was merely getting a work that I personally enjoyed.  That said, the earliest work I can recall collecting was a full color, hand-pulled etching called, "Hidden Cove", by Kaiko Moti.  I purchased it in 1982, because I loved the loose, yet sublime nature of the sky, sea and land as the artist depicted it.  I was also astonished by the illusion of vast space the artist conveyed in such a small scale.

Turid by Odd Nerdrum; Signed Printer's Proof on paper

Have you bought work which was in a publication and if so which ones? Absolutely.  Several pieces I have acquired, appeared in PoetsArtists, American Art Collector, and others.

Which is your most cherished piece? It would be very difficult for me to isolate one work as my most cherished--I like so many of them.  However, I cherish a painting of a tree my father did just before he passed away in 1982, and I am very fond of a hand-pulled print by Odd Nerdrum called, "Turid", as well as a beautiful artist proof print, hand-embellished with 23K gold by Allesandra Maria.  Currently, my favorite painting is a recent acquisition of a work by Stanka Kordic, called, "The Shroud".

Do you buy multiple images from artists or try to just stay with one? I tend to buy multiple images by artists, when I can.  I am particularly fond of original drawings (mostly figurative).

Do you have a budget in mind when buying art? Yes, but I prefer not to divulge that figure.  It all depends on how much I like the work, and where the artist is in their career.

Do you buy art because you think it is a good investment? My primary reason for buying art is because I like it...I want to live with it.  Investment considerations are secondary.

Who are some of artists are in your collection? Odd Nerdrum, Ernst Fuchs, Osamu Obi, Adam Miller, Dan McCaw,  David Jon Kassan, Stanka Kordic, Teresa Oaxaca, Dorian Vallejo, Julio Reyes, Karen Offutt, Jennifer Balkan, Tony Pro, William Wray, Ali Cavanaugh, Aron Wiesenfeld, Martin Campos, Michael Mentler, Casey Baugh, Daniel Bilmes, Aaron Westerberg, Daniel Maidman, Brad Kunkle, Karen Kaapcke, Alessandra Maria, Richard Thomas Scott, Ana Wakitsch, Shana Levenson, Chuck Davis, A. Andrew Gonzales, Sadie Jernigan Valeri, Steven DaLuz, Thomas Dodd, Jaya Suberg, Daria Endresen,  and many others.  (I am a hopeless art lover).

The Shroud by Stanka Kordic (Oil, Graphite on Panel)

The header image is Donum by Alessandra Maria; (Artist Proof print, embellished with 23K gold on paper)