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The Story Behind The First Collection: Rose Freymuth-Frazier

This series takes a look at artist's first artworks to be included in an art collection. Today we look at the work of Rose Freymuth-Frazier.

I had my first solo show in 2007 with Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago. Ann placed "Whispering Sisters" and "Woman Caught Fishing" in the John and Diane Marek Collections in Tennessee. A Year later I was invited to lecture and exhibit at the University of TN at Chattanooga as part of the John and Diane Marek visiting artist lecture series but at the last minute it was postponed until the following year, 2009. When the time rolled around I was excited to meet the Marek's and spend a week in TN. A few days before I was scheduled to fly down from New York, I received a call from the Cress Gallery director telling me Diane had passed away. 

The program continued and I spent the week at the University. I was still a guest at the Marek's house but of course there was a palpable sadness in the air. The house was devoted to their large art collection and seeing my work hanging alongside some very big names in art made a huge impression on me. 

I never met Diane but I got a sense of her strong and vibrant personality. I think we would have gotten along well and I couldn't help feeling I had missed out on knowing someone truly special. I also never got to thank her for adding my paintings to her impressive collection, or tell her what that meant to me at the time, but I remain especially grateful to the Marek's for their early support.