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Art Collector's Corner: Monday 27FEB2017

This is the first of a series where we ask art collectors to choose up to three artworks posted on Instagram with the tag we give our community to use.  We will keep the identity of the collectors private but some have offered an insight as to why they chose the artwork as something they may like to see possibly in their own collection.

Please remember that our brand is figurative realism so most of the artwork will be geared to that. This is not to say that other works may not find their way to a Collector's Choice from time to time.

The intention behind this type of article is to help our community of artists understand how to use hashtags and social media. The selections are based from works recently posted on Instagram with the hashtag given to the community to use.  Art Collectors use their own tags to research artists and one of the collectors from this particular entry has previously bought from artists whom posted work on Instagram.

Some of the works selected for this entry may be older and not "new" but the works posted are newly entered on Instagram and may be new to the collector. So granted please remember that the selection of works given to the collectors to choose were from a specific hashtag. 

We hope these posts will  introduce artists to new art collectors and galleries and generate additional followers on their Instagram. 

We had two art collectors for this first round. As you see from the selections they have varied tastes.

I’d like to have a Hollis Dunlap on the wall. Hollis has a unique way of painting the figure, he has figured out his own approach and his painting is immediately recognizable by his brushwork and color choices. I love that he makes works that feel compelling warm and human without driving too far into realism.

Suzy Smith, it feels like it would be a great time to get one of her works. I don’t want to say she is at an all-career peak, but her evolution has turned her into one of the more unique people painting the figure and beautiful women. Also, her works are big and have a lot of visual POP! and impact in any room.

Zanzinger, she’s good if you like a strong, academically painted head. A painting that feels like a traditionally-painted “quality” painting is what she delivers. Her simplicity and color handling keeps it modern and not old fashioned.

Jeff Bess "Gate" - ominous, evocative, symbolic.

Vic Selbach "Dreams of Our Mothers" - strong statement.

Marco Gallota "Dragonfly" - innovative medium & technique.

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