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Victoria Selbach's Synergism

A reflection on the lives of our foremothers and their impact on future generations. Homespun potholders, linens and dreams of travel and adventure.
— Victoria Selbach

The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.; synergism. 

GenerationalTapestry.DreamsOfOurMothers | 48x36 | acrylic and mixed media collage on panel |Portrait of Elizabeth Claire Ospina)

Victoria Selbach is known for her captivating women in their natural state. She only paints women. She has been cited in the Huffington Post by Priscilla Frank as Finally, Artist Paints Female Nudes As They Really Are (NSFW). 

Her new series does not deviate from the nude or the female form yet it takes us to a new dimension. Her subjects are placed against a tapestry of memories and artifacts which not only define her subjects but also define our American culture. In the portrait of fellow artist Elizabeth Claire Ospina we have the vixen beauty set again trashy romance novels with the backdrop of her grandmother's pink and white doilies and the saintly stamps which most Catholic fed women grew up around carrying in their wallets and purses. Victoria perhaps unknowingly has captured the true sense of what is taught to Hispanic women which I can attest for myself being one of them. Our abuelas taught us to be ladies during the day and sexual beings at night.  

The painting on the header is GenerationalTapestry.OnHerShoulders | 48x36 | acrylic and mixed media collage on panel. This painting was the first to start the series. Filled with Victoria's own grandmother's offerings, it includes the small town picturesque and the love of this nation with travel postcards. Notice the use of red, white and blue. 

There are others in this series which we will not reveal for now but follow Victoria Selbach on Instagram as she reveals her new work and the offerings our grandmothers bestowed upon us.