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Interview | Victoria Selbach

Where do you think this portrait is going to end up?

I imagine this piece resonating most strongly with someone who responds to the visual impact and is also fascinated by societies proclivity to conflate sex and sin, ecstasy and shame. 

How much of your work is dedicated to portraiture? 

All of my work is either a portrait of a specific woman or a portrait of the female condition.

Are you satisfied with your career in the arts? 

I’m never ‘satisfied’. Whatever I’m doing I have more ambitious plans ahead. Having concepts piling up, waiting for the moment to be right, creates a ferocious appetite. 

What risks are you taking as an artist? 

I’m not taking any risks. The only risk in art is to stand still.

Are you currently being represented by a gallery? 

I am represented by two galleries and I regularly show in other venues as well. I’m a big believer that dynamic collaboration with diverse galleries and curators is what connects our vibrant realist community of painters and collectors.

What do you read?

Lately I’m glued to the New York Times and assorted Op-Eds.

What have you never been asked before about your artwork?

A patron has never asked me to take up residence at their estate to paint their family and friends.
I’ve had collectors have difficulty editing their choices but I’ve never had one ask;
“May I purchase the entire series?”
As a woman artist painting women I have had oblivious male painters ask me “How did you get her to take her clothes off?” But I’ve never had one ask me, “Did you fuck her?”