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Poem | Chickens Home To Roost | Peter Daniel Levin

Prophecy and prayer are origins of poetic speech. In this poem Levin combines the recent California deluge with political horrors we’re now undergoing. Punishments?  Warnings from the gods? In spare beautiful language Levin proves what a political poem can be— lyrical, concise, without rhetoric. Unity, symmetry and beauty are how art will overcome crassness.
— Grace Cavalieri

Chickens Home To Roost

Torrential rains 

will pour its waters

on a drought ridden land, 

a biblical parable sent 

by the gods, a deluge

drenching a misguided people

whose misplaced creeds 

prepared them for bountiful

tables of rewards, never to

materialize, whose arable fields 

are cursed, ploughed under 

with the salt of lies, as floods

make ghosts of their dreams.


Peter Daniel Levin Has acted in or directed plays by Shakespeare, Chekhov, Stoppard, Shaw, Arthur Miller, Pinter, O'Neill, Osborne, Odets, Sam Shepard and Ibsen. One of his Broadway credits was playing Peter Van Daan in the original production of "The Diary of Anne Frank". Has directed dozens of series for television from "Lou Grant" to "Call To Glory", to "Judging Amy",  as well as three dozen movies of the week including, "Homeless To Harvard", "The Marva Collins Story", and "Little Girl Fly Away". Studied acting and directing at Carnegie Tech (now Carnegie-Mellon) and in London on a Fulbright Scholarship. Has written poetry sporadically over many years but intensively since 2013.  He lives in Hollywood, California.