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Poem | To Quell the Rancorous Squalls of March | Emily Ferrara

Emily Ferrara is a lyrical poet and that’s why she took us by surprise with her whirligig response to March’s grey swirls. Ferrera’s well known for the long form, the narrative, the interior monologue, the rumination with elevated imagery. She writes of relationships, what renews and what eclipses them. Today she’s thrown her conventions to the March wind to throw a verbal snowball at the muse. Because sometimes poets like to flex language to see where it will go; and girls just like to have fun. - Grace Cavalieri

To Quell the Rancorous Squalls of March

I cry in my cups

make love with despair

unbearable love

turn my back on the upside-down

wrongside-up world               

seek asylum in solace unearned

in sunlight

suffused with sunlight

turn toward truth

this mortal coil

wallow in windchill-whipped doubt

Emily Ferrara is the author of The Alchemy of Grief, a collection of poems selected to win the Bordighera Poetry Prize, and published in bilingual edition (English with Italian translation by Sabine Pascarelli) in 2007.  She is on the faculty at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where she has taught medical creative writing and doctor-patient communication.  She has published and presented nationally on the power of writing to foster personal and professional development, and on creative writing as a form of reflective practice.  Emily’s poetry has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and can be found in literary and medical journals, magazines and anthologies, and on a stone pillar in Cabot Woods in Newton, MA.