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Interview | Larry Aarons

What risks are you taking as an artist?

This is a great question, I have pushed the edges all the time. "If you're not on the edge you're taking up too much space"
I believe that safe is the first step to disappearing. Consequently my new work for Defense of the Species pushes that envelope. It has to make you think.

How much of your work is dedicated to portraiture?


What do you read?

I read all sorts of art publication and stories, the Wall St. Journal and I like fiction.

What brought you to the path you are on?

My life has always been about art, as the owner and former creative director of an advertising agency (I was one of the original creative "Mad Men" in advertising), I was constantly involved with creative art in all mediums. My art journey  began in art school in the 60s.

Are you currently being represented by a gallery?

Yes I am with a gallery based out of Boston; Emillions Art.

Are you satisfied with your career in the arts?

I love what I do and it is and has been a fantastic journey. I have no regrets.

What have you never been asked before about your artwork?

 I do believe I have had lots of questions and feel that there has not been any real questions that have not been asked.