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Interview | Nicole Alger

What risks are you taking as an artist?

I am constantly trying to nudge my color, compositional, and application choices
in a direction beyond the obvious.  
Sometimes the results are not obvious to anyone but myself.

How much of your work is dedicated to portraiture?

Fifty percent is portraiture.

What do you read?

I am usually in the middle of 3-5 books at a time, with a mix of non-fiction, fiction, and something of a spiritual nature.  Currently, I am reading ‘Swing Time’ by Zadie Smith, reading and  taking notes from ‘Black Elk Speaks’ for a series of paintings I am planning, and the latest offering from Dr. Christiane Northrup on women’s health.

What brought you to the path you are on?

My slow burning and burgeoning interest in painting from my gut is what landed me on the path that I am on.   Plus, a great need for variety.  I imagine I will always have a hand in painting landscapes,  still lifes, and portraiture.  My risk taking and the particular path that I am on manifests more obviously with my higher chroma, imaginative, figurative work.

Are you satisfied with your career in the arts?

I am ambitious, so I would like more sales and more show opportunities.  That may never change!
But frankly,   anyone who would buy my art with their hard earned money turns the dial up on my amazement with each passing year.  It helps tremendously to be ‘satisfied’ with what I have, what I have done, and with my undimmed passion to paint.
Portrait of Jason John by Nicole Alger

Portrait of Jason John by Nicole Alger


Two of Nicole Alger’s still lifes were juried into ‘Bringing Beauty Back’, at Cecil Byrne Gallery in Charleston, S.C. on view Feb.-Mar., 2017.  Additionally,a nude painting  was juried into ‘The Figurative Contemporary’ at the Santa Cruz Art League, curated by Noah Buchanan,also on view from Feb.- Mar., 2017. Her poem entitled ‘Long View’ was included in the Poets and Artists publication, ‘The Male Muse’, volume 82. Alger completed four portraits by commission in early 2017, two of which are pro bono for the non profit, Painting for Good Causes. 

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