Twenty Figurative Painters to Follow on Instagram

The following list is not based on how many followers an artist already has on Instagram. It is based on our publisher's insights and aesthetic preferences. These are all figurative painters. Some are famous. Some are obscure. Some are professors. Some are emerging. Some are decadent. Some inspire musical videos. Some are notorious. Some are about to become rock stars in the art world.

Vincent Desiderio

Bo Bartlett

❤️Love Amour Amor Amore 爱 愛 حب alskar אהבה मोहब्बत люблю Love ❤️

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Alyssa Monks

Remembering painting "Hiraeth"

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Zoey Frank

#inthestudio #painting @iouliak

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Patrick Earl Hammie

Stephen Wright


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Amy Sherald

#tbt to 2009's Princess Leia inspired hair-do. #carriefisher

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Natalia Fabia

Eric Fischl

Some of the artists at opening of Water/Bodies exhibit at Southampton Art Center.

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David Kassan

Tim Okamura

Mickalene Thomas

Felice House

Erin Anderson

Copper mirror selfie in my studio-- panels before surface prep - - - #copper #copperpanels #selfie

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Marc Dennis

Jenny Morgan

Fun on set with the Gregs:) @gregmpotter @gregg_louis

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Serge Gay JR.

interview with @spoke_art part1: Lived in Haiti, New York, Miami, Detroit and now San Francisco, do you feel that your work changes with your location or that you build upon each geographic influence as you grow? "Yes, they change all the time and also changes with age and experience. I let myself have as much unique experiences and a different outlook in life, in order to make myself grow as an artist. I never want to be the same person I was yesterday. Always looking to change as a person for the better, so that's why my art is always changing and evolving, hopefully for the better. I like to take risk. Never liked being safe and staying the same. So change is good, in my opinion." Narrative threads and rich symbolism figure prominently in your work. Do you have any favorite storytellers or iconography that influence your paintings either visually, narratively or psychologically? "Don’t really have any favorite storytellers. Not a “favorites” kind of person. Think, I am my own storyteller; I love to tell stories, my own personal stories, and the stories inspired by others. Always been this way since I was a child. I'm telling stories about my life, as well as to start an open dialogue and deep conversation about eye opening subject matters. I watch tons of random movies and music videos and I want to work in a big budget film one day. So maybe that's why I'm so invested in telling the story than just a pretty picture. " Your work is primarily figurative, what fascinates you about or draws you to painting people? "I'm completely intrigued with people and human behavior. I found it to be like a study. The way a person behave, looks, talk, act.. everything. I think that's my way of understanding someone who's different from me and in finding that common relationship. I see it as a form of accepting and not being judgmental of somebody and their way of life.To me is all about connection. Connecting with someone who's different from you in every way, in order to grow as a better person. Painting people helps me understand orI try to make the viewer understand that person’s world. Which you may not be familiar with.

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Devon Rodriguez

John & me on delancey street 📷:@tomotterness #johnahearn

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Pamela Wilson

Had a fantastic chat (interview) with the lovely @johndaltonart! (Link in my bio)

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Rose Freymuth-Frazier