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Kloosterboer on Title

Title’s Juxtaposition between Joy & Lunacy

Daena Title’s bright, energetic paintings focus on the strong seductive force of contemporary female icons. Loose, powerful brushstrokes and vivid colors help define Title’s fascination with the ambiguous misrepresentation of beauty, feeling particularly drawn to the way heightened expressions of joy can cross a line into an ostensibly distorted or crazy appearance.

Playfully linking personal insights with frivolous visualizations, Title’s intense expressionist pieces adroitly portray aspects of the inescapable love-hate relationship between women, and the consequent impact of those interactions on our self-esteem. By uniting representational and abstract styles, Title aims to break the rules yet remains both playful and honest in her quest to tell a story, offering dramatic, emotional content steeped in a strong dose of irony.

Daena Title  |   Miss Selfie   |  Oil on Canvas|  27 ½ x 45 inches or 69 ¾ x 114 ¼ cm

Daena Title  |  Miss Selfie  |  Oil on Canvas|  27 ½ x 45 inches or 69 ¾ x 114 ¼ cm

Title’s vibrant painting, entitled Miss Selfie—participating in PA's The New Feminists issue—is part of her Beauty Pageant series which examines to what measure women’s looks are evaluated and judged by the world around them, and why women generally care about their appearance more than men tend to do—and most importantly, what this says about our shared values.

Motivated by her ongoing struggle with women defining themselves and their self-worth in terms of their beauty or lack thereof, Title channels her frustration by examining societal conditioning—in particular, the rivalry promoted by beauty pageants.

Seeking to capture the obvious contradictions, Title finds that these competitions—which value external appearance as the most important quality—both instill confidence and promote a loss of self-worth, and ultimately harm society at large. 

The underlying premise of Miss Selfie—based on a photograph Title took during a televised pageant broadcast—is the fine line between appearing happy and crazy. Scrutinizing the women’s faces, Title asks a lot of probing questions about their true emotions and personal motivations at the time of this event.

Fascinated by the sociocultural and psychological role the selfie plays in today’s society, Title questions why, despite international media attention and knowing this moment will be on view on the Internet for a long time, these contestants still feel the urge to take one. Title suspects the selfie not only validates a specific moment in time, but also links it to an unsatisfactory and perhaps deficient inner life—yet, at the same time, keenly aware her painting is similarly seeking public outward validation of a moment captured inside a moment.

See Daena Title’s work on her Website.

Written by Lorena Kloosterboer, realist artist & author © Antwerp, April 2017

Photography Credit: Debra Livingston

Photography Credit: Debra Livingston