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Staff Picks | January 2018

This is a monthly column where we ask the staff at PoetsArtists including Didi MenendezJohn DaltonNatalie Holland, Lorena Kloosterboer, Daniel Maidman, Walt Morton, and Jay Menendez to pick their favorite paintings posted on social media. The artists are given a hashtag to use so we may find the artwork to choose from. We then show the selections to an anonymous art collector for them to select the prize winner for that month. Please note that many of the artworks are figurative but we welcome all artworks for this feature.

I chose Sarah Stieber’s piece for color, composition and how it expresses the upbeat energy without much movement. Conveys the emotion of joy, unity and overall positive energy. Considering that it is mural for a public display, it also serves its purpose perfectly. Like the concept of art that can be bought by one collector, and that can be own by everyone. Great work!

Tanya is obviously a master of her craft, the drawing is executed with excellency. The portrait is contemporary, catching the presence of right now — but it will also work over time. She got a lot out of a humble subject matter of single head when it comes to composition, expression and light.

Just the right choice of medium, black&white and simple design to convey the emotion in a portrait. Very expressive and sensitive, captures at once and make you stay and look for longer. Really moving piece.


Carolien van OlphenLucas Bononi, and Stephen Mangum have superb color palettes and are each compositionally interesting.

Very powerful! The confident aura of the model is well-captured in stunning dramatic lighting. I dig it.


This painting jumps out with confident restraint. It is realistic in the best way — a strong sense of a real person looking back. The narrative is intriguing and accessible. Technically it’s great, particularly the paper bag. This was the one that stayed with me and I kept coming back to.


This painting has a freshness about it. Flat yet deep. The combination of styles and influences keeps my eye moving and my mind working to try and arrive somewhere. It doesn’t happen and the sensation is pleasurable.


This painting has a lot of emotional punch. The ambiguous narrative leaves disturbing questions that are soothed by the technical mastery.


I keep coming back to this painting. The quiet solitude and the lightness of being is heavenly.


A really nice coordination of cool color saturation to produce the sense of floating.

This artist’s characteristically strong sense of line, zany compositional elements, and sexy sense of figure and pose.


Lovely use of soft line weights and pastel coloring to create a mood.


These are the picks from the PoetsArtists staff. We will be sending the results to an anonymous art collector to decide on the prize winner for the month. The winner will be announced on our platform’s page.