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Instagram Shopping for ART


It is now possible to create a shop on Instagram where your followers may tap on the image and continue to your website from there.

You may have up to five different products promoted from one image. For example, let's say you sell shoes. You may have five images of shoes on one post with five different options to tap on and buy. In our Instagram Shop, we are selling artwork and publications. The shop only works with the app so if you are opening this in your browser, you will need to go to @didimenendez on your Instagram app to see what I am referring to.


As I write this, I must say that setting up a shop on Instagram is somewhat convoluted.

First, not everyone who sets one up is granted the shop on Instagram. Here is a link to how to set one up using a Squarespace feed.

Sometimes, products are not approved because Facebook is the interface behind the Instagram shop.

If you are a Figurative Artist, you may find that Facebook may think you are selling adult products and will not approve the sale of the product. Therefore the linking on the product will not be active. This happens often in our feed.


Instagram shopping only works on the app itself.

If you are viewing the products on a desktop, the tapping and linking will not work. So you have to revert back to the app to tap and find out further information about the product and to complete the sale.


You may link to any website which offers online shopping.

For example, I have few posts linking to Artsy and Artnet. The biggest challenge I have is to get followers to actually tap on the image and follow the link. I think they are just not enough art galleries using it yet for followers to know what to do with it, although we have already made a few sales from our Instagram shop.

I have also been creative and offered incentives to followers to tap on products and receive discounts and in some cases free art.


It’s been a challenge at times with all the obstacles, but I think eventually more galleries will open up shop to reach younger art collectors and millennials who appreciate technology and instant gratification.

Other galleries and museums are starting to use the shop feature.

The MEAM in Barcelona is now linking to their catalogs on their posts. Every Day Original also has opened shop.


I’d like to see other online venues which sell art start using the Instagram shop.

Here are some hashtags to use if you have an Instagram Shop.

#instagramartshop #instagramshop #instagramshopping

New Benefit for Members of PoetsArtists including galleries we work with.

If you tried to set up an Instagram Shop and have not been successful or just don’t have the time but have products (art, prints, catalogs) available through Shopify, BigCartel, Woo Commerce, Squarespace and others, email me your your PRODUCT FEED to didimenendez@gmail.com and I will add them to our Instagram Shop and help drive traffic to your online shop.

See for example this post which is to Daire Lynch’s Big Cartel. Again, don’t forget that the feature only works on the app.