Instagram Picks for November


Instagram Picks for November

Daniel Maidman


Stephanie Deshpande | Jacqueline at Bar Lubitsch | oil on linen | 24”×18”

The combination of light, costume, gesture, and above all expression in this painting is perfect. Deshpande has nailed her observation of a particular individual, so that her observation expands to represent a type and a cultural milieu as well.



Anne-Marie Kornachuk | Orange Crush | oil on linen | 36”×30”

Drapery, like nature, represents a tremendous challenge. It is chaotic in itself, but can be organized into composition. However, that composition is prone to artifice, because the organizing hand clashes so distinctly with the natural chaos of the material. Producing an orderly but natural-seeming composition of drapery is a tremendous challenge, which Kornachuk gracefully meets.



Stefania Panepinto | Strength in Numbers: Empowered Women Series

This is just a really delightful coordination of the formal elements: harmonious cool colors, hard icy highlights, straight horizontals in counterpoint with wavy diagonals. All of them support the content of the image, the self-assured woman it depicts.



Lorena Kloosterboer | Tempus ad Requiem XXVI | acrylic on panel | 9.5”×11.75”

Again, a beautiful coordination of formal elements. Everything supports the overwhelming rococo intensity of this image: the golds and blues and browns, the rapid alternation between lower-content geometric and organic areas, and densely filigreed pattern. The image speaks to the art of no-effort-is-too-much, deploying it in service to a vision without being swamped by technique.



Alexandra Manukyan | Zanscar Maiden | oil on linen | 18”×24”

Manukyan has created her own species of fabulous, which she has explored in an impressive body of work. Her beautiful models are generally garbed in a vivid and colorful mass of accessories, suggesting a personal fantasy universe of arcane socialization, rank, and ritual.



Yvonne Melchers | Dutch Delight/North Sea Blues II | oil on linen | 50cm×50cm

Melchers here observes all the elements which return to us the memory of a particular kind of day and place, weather and character: a hot day by the sea, with salt in the damp air, and sunlight glaring overhead, and sweat beginning to bead happily on one’s skin.



Tina Garrett | Intentional Suffering | oil | 30”×30”

Beautiful editing. It takes a lot of foresight and discipline to restrain most elements of the image in order to let selected ones carry extra emphasis. Here, Garrett has suppressed the background and much of the figure in order to let the light and color explode across the chest and face. A vivid impression of warmth and mass results, producing a compelling image.



Matthew James Collins | Swan | oil on linen | 60cm×80cm

A wonderful snapshot of the core process of art: observation. The model sits in her pose, and we compare her to the half-finished painting. We see how even in a realistic and faithful representation, vast elements of the artist’s own sense of perception are imported into the painting. A cool daylight suffuses the image, telling us everything we need to know about the temperate, reasoned, and skilled process by which representation of this type must generally be achieved.



Buket Savci | Istanul Evening | oil on canvas | 20”×40”

All artists choose a world that speaks to them, and Savci has brought a unique corner of the world into her art: views from the top or bottom of couples in colorful, messy beds. She has made this narrow terrain speak loudly for her, sharing with the viewer the delight, connection, discovery, and mystery she finds in her subject.



Cheney Lansard | Presentation | 6”×9”

This is a dick, right? I could have it wrong, but I think that’s the top of a dick there. Well, whatever it is, it could be something else, but kind of similar. That’s definitely a zipper, and that’s definitely some clothing absent that would normally be present, and that’s definitely a naughty bit peeking in. Paintings aren’t often sexy and funny, but this one is.


Daniel Maidman

Daniel Maidman

Daniel Maidman is best known for his vivid depiction of the figure. Maidman’s drawings and paintings are included in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress, the New Britain Museum of American Art, and the Long Beach Museum of Art. His art and writing on art have been featured in The Huffington Post, PoetsArtists, ARTnews, Beautiful/Bizarre, Forbes, W, Juxtapoz, Hyperallergic, International Artist, American Art Collector, D/Railed, Whitehot and Manifest. He is a repeat guest critic at the New York Academy of Art. His books, Daniel Maidman: Nudes and Theseus: Vincent Desiderio on Art, are available from Griffith Moon Publishing. He lives and paints in Brooklyn, New York. 

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