Less is more and quality is all.
— Dianne Gall

A breakthrough can come at any time even after 30 years of painting.

It was the direct result of a conscious strategy I took to take my art to a new level.

After 30 years of painting and exhibiting on a regular basis I decided to take a risk and do things differently. The paintings up and until then were being well received; selling and I had just joined 2 great Australian galleries.

Rather than try to quickly supply them with stock I proceeded to work on just one major museum quality painting. That painting was “Everybody knows” and the idea was that a single painting if successful would be worth more to my artistic reputation than another solo exhibition.

It didn’t matter how long it took to paint and my galleries were desperate for new work, as they had clients interested in my paintings.

It took six months to get “Everybody knows” completed to my satisfaction and I had a future Melbourne exhibition for its display scheduled. However painting this work was just half of the strategy, the other half was to hopefully make this painting go viral on social media and attract the attention of a New York Gallery I had in mind. Meanwhile, I had recently become aware of PoetsArtists from my partner who also invited me to join saying this would be a great place to also get new eyes on my work. It did, it caught the eyes of the Bennett Collection where this work now resides.

This painting also created waves in Melbourne and Sydney, “Everybody knows” then set a ball in motion and there are exciting new projects to be announced at a future date.

This set up a modus operandi for all my future work, less is more and quality is all.

Each painting idea goes through an exhaustive process before getting the brushes out. If a new opportunity arises I double the effort which brings me to my most recent painting ‘If I’m not perfect by tomorrow” which is on its way to Bernaducci gallery, New York.

Once again, I stopped all other art projects (Sydney Contemporary Art Fair etc) to focus on perfection for this opportunity and once again a single painting is creating new round of opportunities and interest in my work. I feel my 33 years of hard work is really coming to fruition and that my mid-career work as an artist is going from strength to strength.

Didi MenendezComment