There have been many breakthrough moments, more than a few breakthrough paintings and many disappointments that began with such high hopes. I have seen the multiple images become a tapestry of paint rather than merely a single one. The failures were my difficult children - a stumbling ground that often gave way to successful results at a different time.

So what is a breakthrough painting? It is a multi level image that flows through you, that initial vision which progresses clearly and purposefully. Very rare.

My most recent breakthrough painting was “Passionate Jungle”. It is saturated with a feeling and texture that arose from a childhood visual memory; one of wonder and innocence and fluidity. The expression of my model is true to her, one of direct participation in living and the ability to embrace her inner engagement with the flow of life. The color and abstraction or primitiveness traveled in and out of the background for me. It is grounded in a feeling and a fantasy of childhood where the boundaries between self and other are not that clear or well defined - a goal that has often eluded me before. I learned to play more with color, reality and space. It is a place I hope to be able to visit more often in the future.

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