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Instagram art shops

Setting up a shop on Instagram where followers may tap on images and then follow the link to purchase goods have been springing up here and there and the art world stood still.

With the option of selling art online directly on Instagram, most galleries still did not jump on the chance to link to their website’s feed of available inventory. Artnet said it wasn’t possible.

But I thought otherwise. Late last year I set up an Instagram shop to sell our artwork and posted the HOW TO on Medium. I started tagging Artsy and Artnet and other galleries with artwork which was available to buy through their websites by adding the products manually to my Facebook Business account.

There are several ways to add inventory to your Instagram shop. One is manually and the other is through a feed such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Big Cartel, and others. I have been uploading the inventory to our IG which we have available through our online gallery via the Squarespace Commerce feed and also manually when we have works available through the Zhou B Art Center’s Artsy.

Today while I was hitting finally our 10K Followers on our IG, I noticed Artsy had jumped onboard. Imagine selling art to over 750 thousand followers.

Recently Artsy opened up a new feature where collectors may buy art instantly without having to go through the process of contacting a gallery first for shipping and other information.

Here is a list of some of the online galleries and museums which have opened up an Instagram shop including ours. Please keep in mind that this function only works on the app. When you see the little icon on the top of the image or when you see the prompt show up to tap on an image to buy, follow the link all the way through to your final destination and you may en up with a work of art!



Museum MEAM

Here is the other Instagram Store for PoetsArtists which will feature the current online exclusives. Currently we are showing ADORN ME curated by Carol Hodes but depending on when you read this post, the show will be updated with current content.

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