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Why Artists Do What They Do - Teresa Elliott
Beautiful Bizarre | Victoria Selbach | Painting With Emotional Layers
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This Feminist Artist Paints Beauty Contestants
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Paintings Of Nuns With Bad Habits
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This Artist Paints Women With Helmets

Kathrin Longhurst was born in communist East Germany. A classically trained figurative painter, she began attending life drawing classes at the age of fourteen. When she was just fifteen, her family escaped from ‘behind the iron curtain’, relocating to Sweden. This jarring transition from a totalitarian regime to a democracy sparked Kathrin’s passion for exploring the concepts of freedom of speech and expression, concepts that continue to thread through her work today.

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Why do artists do what they do — Pamela Wilson
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March 2018 Staff Picks

Every month we ask our staff to select works posted on social media which have been tagged and completed for that month. We then ask an anonymous juror such as art collectors or museum and/or gallery directors to select which is the best for that month and we then award the artist/s selected. All the artworks selected are published online and the link or PDF is sent to art collectors.

Our staff includes podcasters such as John Dalton, art writers such as Walt Morton, Natalie Holland, renowned artists such as F.Scott Hess, and also our publisher and curators.

Here are the selections for March 2018.

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Why Beauty Looks Dumb

Internationally acclaimed German artist Gerhard Richter recently said: “Beauty is being discredited. When fashion and models are called beautiful, they’re not. They look rather stupid.”

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Do It Wrong Do It Wondrously Wrong

I was teaching a life drawing class recently, and I came up against one of the main issues that gives me qualms about teaching at all. My student was doing something which he thought was wrong, and he asked me about it. From a certain perspective, having to do with the mechanical representation of the optical facts, he was correct. What he was drawing was wrong. But the art teacher telling the student that some quirk is wrong rankles with me. So I told him what I really think.

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