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My Magnolia series started when I was painting a model in my studio in profile the same day my Magnolia tree was blooming. The blooms were so beautiful and I wanted to preserve them. I was at a point where I wanted to take the look of my work from classic to more contemporary. I liked the idea of fusing figure and portrait with nature and looked to the garden of florals I had planted in my yard for inspiration.


Aleksandra Kalisz was born in Gdynia, Poland in 1992. Currently living and working in Guimarães, Portugal. Studied Painting in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk where she received a Masters degree in the studio of Maciej Świeszewski in 2016. In 2014/15 stipendist of LPP Erasmus programme in Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is a finalist of competitions in Poland “Ale sztuka!” and “Promotions” where she received a distinction of “Center of Contemporary Art in Toruń”. In 2017 she was selected for an Art Residency in Marrakech, Morocco. She took part in exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Her works are held in private collections in the United States, Germany, Denmark and Poland. She specializes in painting and installation.


MIGUEL ANGEL MOYA was born in Valencia in 1970. He began his Fine Arts degree at the Facultad Politécnica de Valencia in the late 80s, giving up two years later, disappointed by the method of teaching at the Faculty. Around the same time he met the realistic painter Francisco Ugeda, in whose workshop he learned the technical fundamentals of painting. In 1992 he has his first exhibition in Denia, Spain. Moya also studied the Violin receiving an advanced degree in the discipline. He combined painting with his work as a musician for years, but left the violin in 2002 to fully focus on his career as a painter. Since then, Moya has exhibited his work across Europe, United States and China. In 2008 he has his first solo exhibition in Madrid (Santiago Echeberría Gallery) in 2011 he had a solo exhibition in New York.


Erin Milan was born in a small town in Kansas. She graduated from Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles where she studied painting. After a hiatus from painting to focus on having children and on family, she is painting full time from her studio on Mercer Island, near Seattle. Milan’s high realism figurative oil paintings explore desire, nourishment, and loss, and what it feels like to be human. She hopes her work expresses the value of the human, and especially female, form. Her work has recently been exhibited at RJD Gallery in New York, the new Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, Sirona Fine Art, as well as Suzanne Zahr near Seattle for a solo exhibit.

Why Do the Artists Do What They Do – Judy Takacs.

Judy Takacs is one of the first American artists I connected to through Facebook. One day, I received a friend request from her and by simply accepting I discovered the colourful and different world of female images. As we continued to communicate, the warm and vivacious personality of the artist revealed itself through her prevailing positivity, her love of good conversation – and her appreciation of distinguished red wine.

Why Artists Do What They Do - Teresa Elliott

I became aware of Teresa Elliot’s work in 2012, when her painting ‘Deliverance’ has earned a top award at the 2012 Art Renewal Center International Salon.

It is a truly striking piece. Described with words, it’s a realistic work showing three adolescent children interacting in a natural pool of mud. One would imagine that a lot of mud in a painting wouldn’t necessarily involve a feast for the eyes in terms of interplay of saturated colours and light — but that is exactly what is enticing about this painting.