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Featured Poet Anne Caston

Anne Caston’s voice combines folklore, fairytale, and myth in its sweet tug at your brain. At the center, like whipped cream curled inside dark chocolate, is a message, always, contemporary and true. And a secret whispered only to the reader.

Featured Poet Kenneth Carroll

Kenneth Carroll is a teacher, counselor and educator for the young. He raises our kids to self-value and esteem with his life and work. After the classroom, he repairs and restores. In the classroom he inspires. His life and writing show that Imagination is just another word for Freedom.

Featured Poet Sue Silver


Sue Silver is a student of the Enlightened Master Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi. This informs her work in the world and her written art. As a medical practitioner, Sue is a person who's direct, competent, and highly skilled . She brings this clarity and light to her poetry and photography, healing whatever she touches, and believing that poetry is an important observance in daily life. Whenever the world says "No" Sue Silver says "Yes.

Featured poet E. Ethelbert Miller

Ethelbert Miller has served poetry for more than 40 years,making this art play a vital role in our lives. He's picked up society's burdens, and changed them to archetypal songs so that the larger point is always better understood. Poetry shows rather than persuades and in this way Miller harmonizes social justice and story. Change to the good is a slow road but Miller walks it daily with evolving messages, clear articulation and good narrative structure. His affections and his strong intentions are in his writing.