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Featured poet E. Ethelbert Miller

Ethelbert Miller has served poetry for more than 40 years,making this art play a vital role in our lives. He's picked up society's burdens, and changed them to archetypal songs so that the larger point is always better understood. Poetry shows rather than persuades and in this way Miller harmonizes social justice and story. Change to the good is a slow road but Miller walks it daily with evolving messages, clear articulation and good narrative structure. His affections and his strong intentions are in his writing. 

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Featured Poet Laura Orem

Political poetry can be a rant, a howl, or a moan from under the oppressed rock: Or it can be POETRY. Laura Orem gives us humor and wisdom and meaning with the real stuff. She uses the lexicon of poetics itself to confront those who would destroy creativity. How we make Meaning  is an important as the meaning we make, and there's nothing wrong with style, cadence, crisp cutting edge confidence. By the way, you'd have to know poetry to write this poem. You'd also have to be awake in the world, and be the coolest nerd at the popular kids table.  - Grace Cavalieri

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