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Featured Poet James Reese

James Reese is a poet who keeps American tradition alive with humor and insight.  He’s born and bred, teaches in the Great Plains,  and captures the every-day with eloquence. I love the stories of his in-laws, children, wife, and students. They’re people that make us feel great, especially now that our country’s family album is tattered for lack of compassion. It’s a true gift to capture the hearts of people, turn them to language, and honor their identities so they’ll last longer than the author. This is called “preserving the beloved,” and the dramatic monologue is Reese’s way. He’s taught many federal prisoners to work past barbed wire to receivecollege degrees. He’s a poetry keepsake. 

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Featured Poet Barbara Quick

Barbara Quick has a gift of letting us know what she values in her poetry. She’s not interested in grand announcements, so much as a lightness of hand, a dazzle of wisdom, sometimes a mischievous whisper. We always know where she stands with her keen perceptions illuminating the heart of human relationships.

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Featured poet Maritza Rivera

Sensuality is one of the main ingredients in poetry. To taste, smell and hear words is what Maritza does  so beautifully. At this time in history we are looking for life without artificial intelligence, and we turn to poetry, where the human heart is stored. Rivera leads us there so that amidst the tumult of the day we are, thankfully, distracted by Good. Poems do not blaze a trail; they simmer to warm the path we follow toward what we can cherish between us. 

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