All in Poem

Featured Poet Barbara Quick

Barbara Quick has a gift of letting us know what she values in her poetry. She’s not interested in grand announcements, so much as a lightness of hand, a dazzle of wisdom, sometimes a mischievous whisper. We always know where she stands with her keen perceptions illuminating the heart of human relationships.

Featured poet Maritza Rivera

Sensuality is one of the main ingredients in poetry. To taste, smell and hear words is what Maritza does  so beautifully. At this time in history we are looking for life without artificial intelligence, and we turn to poetry, where the human heart is stored. Rivera leads us there so that amidst the tumult of the day we are, thankfully, distracted by Good. Poems do not blaze a trail; they simmer to warm the path we follow toward what we can cherish between us. 

Featured poet E. Ethelbert Miller

Ethelbert Miller has served poetry for more than 40 years,making this art play a vital role in our lives. He's picked up society's burdens, and changed them to archetypal songs so that the larger point is always better understood. Poetry shows rather than persuades and in this way Miller harmonizes social justice and story. Change to the good is a slow road but Miller walks it daily with evolving messages, clear articulation and good narrative structure. His affections and his strong intentions are in his writing. 

Featured Poet Alan King

I have Alan King on speed dial because he's a great favorite of mine. His stories of growing up black illuminate the world, proving the emotional difference between black and white adolescents is just that they live in different kitchens. There's robust good will beneath King's words, giving street life a majesty, rotating hard times to applause lines. All poets cooperate with chance when they set out to write, and it is what King parlays with good control. We don't need a translator for Alan King. With confidence and strength he brings to the poetry table the way people really feel; and shows us how a credentialed poet can documenting that. 

Featured Poet Indran Amirthanayagam

Poetry can be a prayer. Amirthanayagam lives and works in Haiti where he sees much to pray for. Poetry can be a wish upon a star for our betterment, but better still, words can be "an Agenda." Today's poet shows a force of character in clear elegant lines that respect space and decorum on the page. Beneath the couplets there is a strong will, anger, weariness, and a powerful cry. Indran knows better than to scream his song.  To get the truth he simply sings.  These are plain words from a pure heart.  And as J.F. Kennedy said "When power corrupts, poetry cleanses."