This is a universal submission form. Please make sure to read through our general guidelines on how to prepare your folders and images before submitting your artwork. After you have read the general guidelines and prepared your Dropbox with your images in high resolution, a photo of you next to each of your artwork being submitted, a text file including your contact information, bio, and resume (CV), proceed to fill out the form below. Make sure to enter in the subject link which call the submission is for.

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Please make a shareable link to your dropbox or other server where the folder may be easily downloaded. Please do not send an editable folder. Make sure you have provided photos of yourself next to each work being submitted. The JPGs should be high resolution 300 DPI minimum of 1500 pixels wide.
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If you have any questions before submitting the folder, you may reach Didi Menendez at didimenendez at Thank you for your submission.