Family, La Familia

Publication Theme: Family, La Familia, Familje (Albanian), Rodina (Czech), Perhe (Finnish), Familie (German), Famiglia (Italian), "mishpakha" (Hebrew)
Curated Editors: David Jon Kassan and Shana Levenson
Format: Print-on-Demand, Digital, and PDF download
Publication Date: September/October 2017
Deadline: August 1, 2017

Family, La Familia, Familje (Albanian), Rodina (Czech), Perhe (Finnish), Familie (German), Famiglia (Italian), "mishpakha" (Hebrew)

Some of the most important paintings by an artist, are paintings that are done of their family. 

Rembrandt portraits of his wife Saska, Mary Cassatt's paintings of her family, Andrew Wyeth’s paintings of his sons, Paul Cezanne’s painting of his mother along with so many other artists who have painted their mother’s (Picasso, Van Gogh, Chagall, Whistler), just to name a few.

Throughout the history of art, family has been a sacred subject for artists. Most early paintings were commission based illustrations from the Bible or portrait commissions for wealthy Patrons, which didn't leave much time for an artist to paint those that are closest to them.  But when they did, there is a more personal connection that is present… something that is intangible. 

For this issue of PoetsArtists, we are interested in exploring paintings that express that connectedness, or disconnection in some cases. 

These are uncontrolled paintings that rely on just a rawness that is…moments that the artist is connecting with their loved ones.  Those quiet moments getting to know who they are in a deeper level. Life gets busy and we don't always appreciate our time we spend with our family.

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The image in the header is a painting by David Jon Kassan of his father.